Last Letter Projects
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Last Letter Projects

Last Letter is a call to personal sacrifice and revolutionary action.  We will be developing projects, both locally and globally, to help you join hands in bringing justice and Jesus to every corner of the earth.




Work with HIV patients. Strengthen a local HIV medical ministry. Meet basic physical, educational and spiritual needs through facilitating training, implementing medical teams and making home visits. Share Christ with those who have very little hope.


Technology is not only taking off in the west, but in the rest of the world as well.  Christian workers utilize the technology boom to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, where there is little or no access to the gospel.

Earth Relief - Baptist Global Response



The world’s heart breaks for the people of Haiti as they grieve for loved ones, home and whole communities lost in the Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti. Needs there will continue long after the crisis has moved out of the headlines.

Baptist Global response is coordinating a three-pronged assessment team planning to go into Haiti the week of Jan. 18 to connect with Haitian Baptist leaders and craft plans for disaster relief efforts in the aftermath of the 7.0 earthquake.You can respond in three ways.