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Technology is not only taking off in the west, but in the rest of the world as well.  Christian workers utilize the technology boom to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, where there is little or no access to the gospel.

Last Letter is asking you to do more than recycle. We are asking you to repurpose your old smart phones. If you no longer need your out-dated iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry or smart phone then donate it to be used for God’s purposes.  Of course, we would take iPads but you may not realize that any old smart phone with video playback capability can be used to play the Jesus film and other video trainingtools.

These mobile devices are easily transported , easily charged, and will be given to national and international workers as they go into villages and cities to work among people who have never heard about Jesus.   Videos are shown in the heart language of the people. The Jesus film is one of the most powerful tools for spreacing the message of Christ.

Bluetooth technology enables websites and digital programs to be beamed to other cell phones and the message of Christ literally goes “virally” from one person to the next.

Do you have a smart phone in a drawer collecting dust? Send us your old phone and proclaim Christ among the nations. Watch a video demonstrating the use of an iPhone to share Christ with a taxi driver in a distant land. Be sure to wipe your iphone of any personal information before you send it. 

The address for shipping the iphones:
65 Germantown Ct, Suite 409 • Cordova, TN 38018 • phone 901.684.5556 • fax 901.684.5558